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In the event of a pet emergency, please refer to our emergencies page.

Frankston Heights Vet - We help your pets when they're sick


Having a pet is supposed to be fun, but can sometimes be stressful. There is so much to know;

Is this normal?  Why is he doing that?  What happens if she eats this?  What’s that smell?


Desexing or neutering ensures that your pet can’t have babies. In dogs and cats, and also rabbits and ferrets, desexing usually involves an operation to remove the reproductive tissue. This is called a spey in females, and castration in males.

Health Checks

Regularly servicing your car means it’s less likely to break down – Health checks are the pet equivalent.

A pet’s health check involves finding out as much as we can, to make sure that everything is normal.


Diet plays a huge role in your pet’s overall health. Giving the right food will help your pet live better for longer; but the wrong food, or the wrong amount, will shorten their life and increase their chance of ill health.


Parasites that live in your pet’s intestines, these “worms” can cause a variety of nasty problems; from weight loss to severe diarrhoea or even death. Puppies and kittens are at particular risk.

Preventative Dentistry

Just as dentists tell us to brush our teeth for two minutes twice daily, floss and use mouthwash to prevent tooth decay, we must do things to keep our pets’ mouths healthy.

Puppy Preschool

Puppyhood is an important stage of your dog’s life; growing both in size and brain power, learning how to become a member of the family and the community.


Vaccination is the best way of keeping your furry friend safe, by teaching your pet’s immune system to recognise and fight the viruses and bacteria that cause certain diseases. This means that they either don’t get sick, or they get better faster.