To all of our wonderful clients,

As the government has tightened restrictions in an effort to keep us all safe, we have all had to adapt to new ways of living.
At Frankston Heights, we have kept readjusting how we do things, to make sure that we can continue to care for you and your pets.
Thankfully, vets are considered an essential service. However, recent clarification that nail clipping does not constitute “essential care” has forced us to temporarily change our community-focussed #clipforacause programme.

Put simply, we are just not allowed to see your pets to cut their nails, unless they are causing discomfort, pain, difficulty walking or distress. We will, of course, see your pet if they are unwell or in discomfort for any reason (including due to overgrown or ingrowing nails).

In pre-corona days, we waived the fee for nail-clipping, and simply asked for a $5 (or greater) donation to our local charities instead – DogsForKids, PetsInTheParkFrankston, Colliewobbles Rescue, SARDA, WALDHeP and others. Find out more here. We plan to return to this as soon as we can. Until then, we will continue to clip nails for a donation, during any ordinary consultation that we are allowed to provide.

Thank you everyone, for helping us keep our #frankstonvetfamily safe.
Here’s hoping that we’re back to some variety of normal soon. Stay safe.

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