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Frankston Heights Veterinary Centre
231 Frankston-Flinders Rd
VIC 3199

03 5971 4888
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We offer appointments throughout the day and whatever the reason, a full examination of your pet will always be part of that visit.

For new clients and patients we allow 30 minutes to have time get to know you and your pet.

Many of our vets have particular skills and interests - in skin disease, internal medicine, breeding, behaviour, cancer treatment, feline medicine, ultrasound imaging, and surgery. (See vet profiles for more information)



Dogs and cats, rabbits and ferrets, all benefit from immunisation against several infectious diseases. We can advise the most appropriate vaccine for your pet.


Frankston Heights Veterinary Centre is a registered microchipping facility. This permanent form of identification is now mandatory for all new dogs and cats. Microchipping can be performed during a consultation - the chip is the size of a grain of rice and carries a number unique for each pet.. It is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades.


We welcome small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets, poultry and caged birds.

While we are not specialists we are always willing to examine and treat these patients to the best of our ability.




We recognise that at times it may be difficult to travel to the practice, so a house call service is available by arrangement for veterinary visits (including home euthanasia) patient pick up and delivery of medications.



Both x-ray and ultrasound imaging are available on site. Our computed radiology xray machine is capable of delivering higher quality films, at lowers exposures - significantly improving both patient safety and diagnostic accuracy.

Our ultrasound facility is led by Will Gartrell who successfully completed a year's additional training in 2010.

Ultrasound examination of the chest and abdomen is a painless and effective alternative (or addition) to x-rays or exploratory surgery.


With a fully equipped dedicated operating theatre, two anaesthetic machines and a large treatment room, we can perform a wide range of surgical procedures including orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, caesarians, routine desexings etc. 

Recovery kennels in the treatment room ensure our patients are under constant supervision until they are fully recovered and ready to return to the wards.


At Frankston Heights we have a full range of scopes suitable for examining the nose and airways, stomach and intestinal tract, ear canals and joints.

Scoping enables biopsies to be taken, removal of foreign material such as grass seeds and joint exploration without invasive surgery.


For those patients needing a stay in hospital or recovering from surgery, we have 2 wards complete with stainless steel kennels, fluid pumps, fluffy stay-dry bedding, heat pads and snuggly space blankets.

Cats and dogs are separated and we have state of the art isolation cages for those animals with infectious disease.

The wards also have plug in pheromone diffusers which provide a calming effect and help reduce any stress our hospitalised patents may experience.



To aid in the diagnosis of a patients illness, laboratory tests are often performed.

These may include blood testing, examination of urine and faecal samples, and biopsies. Many of the samples taken can be analysed in our on site laboratory providing results within an hour.

For others, the equipment or expertise of a commercial laboratory may be needed, and we are fortunate to have an efficient courier service ensure rapid processing and reporting.


Early socialization of young puppies is an essential part of their development and leads to well mannered confident and obedient dogs.

Puppy school runs regularly at Frankston Heights for puppies from 6-12 weeks of age. The course runs one night a week for 4 weeks and includes off lead play, an introduction to obedience, health care, and training tips.

Please contact us for details.


We have a comprehensively stocked pharmacy and also retail many pet products and premium foods.


For both routine veterinary care and emergency situations, pet insurance can provide peace of mind that your pet will be able to receive the care needed, regardless of financial constraints.

Frankston heights Vet Centre supports pet insurance - please ask for further information.


Dr Andrew Turner a veterinary eye specialist visits the Centre on a regular basis, providing a referral service for the Mornington Peninsula.

Consultation with other specialists is encouraged and our vets regularly attend seminars and conferences to update their knowledge and skills.