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Pets in the Park - February 2015

Pets in the Park is a registered charity providing veterinary care to the pets of the homeless and disadvantaged. 

Clinics are held monthly (usually in the open air) and staffed by volunteer vets and veterinary nurses. Industry sponsors supply vaccines and parasite control. 

Clients are referred to the clinics by their service provider (Salvation Army, Centre Link, RDNS) ensuring only those most in need receive veterinary care. 

At this stage, two clinics are up and running in Sydney. 

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula has a significant homeless population, and two pilot Pets in the Park clinics were held in October and November, providing care to over 15 pets in need (dogs, cats and rabbits) 

With the support of Frankston Council and local service providers, the  Frankston clinic is now set to become a permanent event., providing care to clients from Frankston, Seaford and the Peninsula.

Frankston Heights Veterinary Centre is proud to support this charity both in providing volunteers and through our nail clipping fundraiser "Clip for A Cause".

Please go to or our Pets in The Park Frankston facebook page for more information. 










May/June 2014

As winter approaches, and we start to hibernate by the fire, it's time to focus on keeping our pets comfortable during the colder months.

Arthritis occurs in older pets through wear and tear,  but also in younger individuals who have had joint surgery.

There are so many things we can do to treat arthritis - just  a few are listed below - so if you think your pet is slowing up or feeling stiff due to joint pain, make sure you talk to us about how we can help.

Arthritis Help list

  • Regular low impact exercise
  • A lean body weight
  • Regular injections of Pentosan - a medication which modifies joint pain by slowing cartilage damage and improving joint lubrication.
  • Hills J/D - Joint diet - with added essential fatty acids and glucosamine that have proven anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Pain relief - many different preparations exist to reduce inflammation and control pain.


First Aid App


For those times when you are far from a vet or need to know what first aid you can give while heading to your local clinic, this free App is a fantastic resource. For information about wounds to poisonings, snake bite to sickness, download First Aid for Pets at your app store.





PS Ange is Back!!!

and it's lovely to have her working with us again!


November 2013

It is with much sadness that we farewell Dr Ange Wellington who is heading to Canada for the ski season.

We will miss her veterinary skills and her sunny personality but wish her lots of fun and a great snow fall!




September 2013








We are excited to introduce a new range of Hills Foods - Vet Essentials.

Providing superior nutrition, Vet Essentials combines all the great features of Science Diet Oral Care and Sensitive Stomach, together with fatty acids for skin and joint health and balanced nutrients for weight control. For cats the food also provides pH balance to prevent urinary tract disease. 

Ask us for more information, or try a bag today.


We're also introducing the new Hills Age-Defying food for Cats.

Our older feline friends have different nutritional needs, and this food - suited to cats of 11 years or more, provides increased anti-oxidants to delay brain aging, smaller kibble for those slower eaters and lower  mineral levels to protect the kidneys.

Just don't go eating it yourselves! :)






August 2013

Dont forget August is Pet Dental health month and we are offering free dental examinations!

Our experienced nurses will check your pet's teeth and gums, and advise on foods, brushing and other ways to keep the mouth healthy. 

So ring 59714888 for an appointment and we'll get your pet on the path to great dental health.





Northern Territory Dog Health Programme July 2013

Lucy has returned from another rewarding trip to Northern Territory.

Travelling to several remote communities, the team of vets and final year vet students encountered all sorts of dogs - from a 70kg Wolfhound to a 1kg Chihuahua and everything in between!

Many were very helpful - waking us in the morning, patrolling our camp site, supervising surgery and keeping us company!

Over 120 dogs were desexed and parasite control was provided to all dogs in the community.





MARCH 2013: Frankston Heights joins with ' Dogs for Kids with disabilities.








For all the owners of those scratchy, licky, itchy dogs out there, dont forget we are participating in clinical trials of a new anti-itch medication. For more information and a chance to enrol your dog, call 0359714888 and ask for Lucy or Jodie. 







Congratulations to our amazing team of vets who completed the M2M mutisport challenge in 21st place in a time of 10 hours and 17 minutes.

Some of you may have followed our tweets through the day, as the excitement mounted and the competition between the two vet teams from the peninsula became intense!

Happily, a sprint to the finish between Will Gartrell and Chris Franklin saw the combined Frankston Heights and Westernport team across the line first!!

I'm sure the Challenge will be on the calendar for next year.




This month our intrepid vets are making final preparations for their participation in the Marysville to Melbourne race. With teams of 6 running, cycling and kyaking their way to Docklands, this is a great challenge for our team. We hope to bring you some triumphant photos in the next newsletter!