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The Frankston Heights Veterinary Blog

Frankston Heights Veterinary BlogWith time, I'm planning to explore the whole veterinary world in the posts on these pages. Actually, that might be a little ambitious, but I would really like to talk about life as a small animal vet. Specifically, life as a small animal vet, in a busy suburban practice, where the underlying drive is to care for pets and their families. 

So much has already been written and broadcast about vets (think James Herriot or Dr. Harry or Bondi Vet), that there is a lot out there to read. I'm aiming for a, slightly different, more personal tone. I hope to shed some light on what it means to be a vet, and to show what goes on behind the treatment room door.

Please let me know how you think I'm going.

Thanks, Will

What goes down...

Like all of the very best school assignments, this post is being written the night before it is due.

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Stray Thoughts

lost dog

We’re very lucky; vet clinics are widely regarded as the “go to” place for any animal-related problem. It’s a huge compliment, but one that can leave us in a difficult position.

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Food For Thought

dog food

I’m a foodie. I love cooking, eating, watching cooking shows, reading and talking about food. I’ve even been accused of having a cookbook obsession [and I’ll admit, that’s probably a fair accusation :) ] But I’ve always fed my dog the same thing - dry food.

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Pearly Whites

resizedimage170152 DaschundToothbrush

“Bad teeth” and “Bad breath” are two of the most common problems that we see in dogs and cats, they are also two of the easiest problems to ignore. Maybe people’s fear of dentists can be transferred to their pets too.

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The cost of caring

Being a vet is the most rewarding job; nothing beats the feeling of reuniting a family with a pet who has recovered from a life-threatening problem. And we're lucky, because it's something that we get to do quite a lot.

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